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Greetings! Thanks for stopping by again. As you might remember my [ Modern Warfare 3 - RELOADED ] version fix helped  some people out and i saw lots having problems with the Batman Arkham City Black Box version too. So, thats why im making this page :) And for some reason when i tried posting a comment on the download page it kept saying "Spam" lol Anyways, here goes...

(Game can be downloaded HERE)
I've downloaded this version myself and have been playing it for atleast 9 hours so far. The main story is done and haven't had a problem with the cutscenes until the part after fighting Posion Ivy's goons. After you beat them all Posion Ivy gives a little 'speach' then it goes to a cutscene with Batman and the Joker. You'll get the "Please right click now or the game will stop working" message but it will just stay on the black screen and say "Loading..." in the bottom-right corner. You're screwed now! Haha! No your not. :) What you need to do is...


1: Create a temp folder on desktop. Name it what you will.
2: Open up the game  download and extract BOTH disk iso files to the temp folder on desktop.
3: Click the Setup.exe file and away you go!.
*When it asks if you want to install DirectX and C+++ select NO to both. Chances are you already have newer versions on your computer.
*It shouldn't be asking for Disk 2 at all.
*Let it do its thing -- Took about 35 minutes to install on my laptop.
4: Once its finished installing you can go ahead and delete the temp folder you created eariler.
5: DONE!


I'm not sure if there are other ways around it, like deleting files before even starting the game or whatever. This method worked perfect for me! Im using Windows 7 64-bit by the way. May be a little different on other Windows versions...I.e: Paths and Folder might be different.

1: Create another temp folder on desktop.
2: Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Black_Box\Batman Arkham City\BmGame\MoviesStereo
3: Highlight and drag these files to the temp folder on desktop...


4: Restart the game.
5: After restarting you'll have to fight Posion Ivy's thugs again Then it should try and load the Batman/Joker cutscene again (when Joker kicks Batman out of a window) but it wont load!
6: It SHOULD cut to Batman laying on the ground (after falling from the window).
7: Get the to next save point, quit the game and move those files back into the BmGame\MoviesStereo folder. Even though you dont really have to cause them cutscenes are useless now.

PS: You will need a (cracked/offline) Games For Windows Live account. Just google or serach your torrent site. I have the one called Christine or something. There's a link in the comment section for a Resident Evil 5 unlocker that should work for this game...basicaly it should install the GFWL files needed. Works good. I have a couple games that use it :) (ALWAYS saves your games!!)
If you done everything correct it shouldn't be asking for a cd key. It shouldn't be asking for anything actually.

 An easier way to 'fix' the Games For Windows Live problem might be to go, searching for the xLive.dll and download it. Follow their instructions and see if that works. (PLEASE post in the comment section if it does.) I've seen it working for people.

After you beat the game (I did it on easy for now) you CAN use the skins you unlocked by going to the menu and selecting your game and use the arrow keys, entering the cheat code.

When you get to the menu after seleting your game (where you can select Start, Options etc...)  simply hit Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down and you should here a music sound letting you know the cheat worked. Now just click Start and it'll bring you to the skin selection screen. Pick your skin play through the main story. :)

                                           ^Part 1 of a series i'm doing. Check 'n Thumb Up.

After playing through it again for a series im doing on Youtube (stay tuned) I got to that cutscene again and ATL-TABed outta the game and tried to remove the files from the folder...Moved them all except one...which would be the one causing the game to stop working. Its the "2_03_PT2.usm" file cause it was saying "Can't move file because its being used..." So i removed that one file and restared (fighting Posion Ivy's goons again) and BAM! nomore fail.

UPDATE 4: June 7.
Took a bit of messing with but if you search your torrent (i use Vuze) you should find the Harley Quinn DLC that DOES work with the Black Box version. I tried two different installs, first one didnt work but i just played through the whole DLC and not one problem. DOWNLOAD HERE!

1: Im using Win 7 64-Bit so file paths might be different depending on what your using.
2: Do NOT install the DLC into the main folder/directory [c:\program files (x86)\black box\].
3: Worked for me is to install it into the user folder:
[C:\Users\????\Documents\WB Games\Batman Arkham City\]
4: After that, start game and load your Save Game then Exit back to the main menu and you should see the Harley Quinn Icon like in the photo below. Click it and play the DLC. :)

After following Step 4 above.

UPDATE 5: October 25.
99% working fix for the GFWL not saving your game or launching after starting the game. I actually had to reinstall the game cause something messed up when i deleted Resident Evil 5; somehow deleted Games For windows Live files with it (needed to save games) Grrr. Pissed me off. So what I did was to.. It might sound 'weird' but it works...

1: Download the Resident Evil 5 Unlocker HERE. Its an Auto-Install...
2: Run and Install it.
3: GFWL should now pop-up after starting Arkham City.
4: Select the Christine profile and you should be good to go...
5: the RE5 Unlocker creates a folder named CAPCOM/Resident Evil 5/Christine...
6: If you still can't save your game search and goto that folder, copy/paste the Christine folder into your Windows LIVE folder.
7: Also. You can try copying over the xLive.DLL file from your /system32 folder into the Arkham City folder...

^Hope that helps some. Its what worked for me. A last resort is to uninstall and reinstall GFWL...

UPDATE 6: July 1, 2013.
More Info and Fixes in the Comments Section...Or use the Chat box on the middle part of this page.

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